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Capsize Exercise (A75) - Photographs of an Atlantic 75 Capsize Training Exercise
RNLI Sunderland
Saturday 19 January 2019

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Atlantic 75 Capsize Exercise

The below photographs were taken during a crew training exercise, which took place at Hartlepool Marina. The aim of the exercise was to enable each crewmember to put into practise the theory that they had learn't earlier.

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Atlantic 75 Capsize Training - The StartA crane capsizes the boatThe A75 Capsized!!
Atlantic 75 Capsize Training - The StartA crane capsizes the boatThe A75 Capsized!!

Over she comes!!The crew climb on-board
The crew have inflated the bag and boat starts to rightThe boat is the right way up and crew begin to board

In the event of capsize; one of the crew will activate a gas bottle to inflate the bag. The self-righting airbag is stored on top of the a-frame and is inflated using CO2 cylinders located at the base of the roll bar (See Below).

Atlantic 75 - Righting Bag CO2 Bottle

An 'O' Ring (shown below) is located on either side of the stern, this is accessible from the water when the lifeboat is inverted. Once inflated the airbag will then cause the boat to roll the right way up within a few seconds.

Righting Bag Pull Rings

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