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Station History (2000 - Present Day)


A Bi-centenary Vellum is presented to the station by Andrew Freemantle at a celebration night at the Stadium of Light.

200th Anniversary Vellum - Presentation by Andrew Freemantle to the Sunderland Lifeboat CrewRNLI 200th Anniversary Vellum which was awarded to Sunderland Lifeboat Station during 2000
200th Anniversary Vellum - Presentation200th Anniversary Vellum


New ILB launching ramp installed in July 2002 at a cost of £8,807.


The new station IB-1 D class lifeboat D-608 "Helen & Ian Tytler" was placed on service on 24th November. Inshore Lifeboat D-470 was withdrawn into the Relief Fleet.


The Station's Trent class lifeboat (14-21 "RNLB Maquarie") was withdrawn into the Relief Fleet and replaced with an Atlantic 75 class lifeboat (B-762 "Jack & Joyce Burcombe").


The new station Atlantic 85 Class Inshore Lifeboat B-817 "Wolseley" was placed on service 20th May. Inshore Lifeboat B-762 "Jack & Joyce Burcombe" was withdrawn into the Relief Fleet.


Atlantic 85 moves into new boathouse in Sunderland Marina. This included the installation of a 6m davit which will be used to lift the boat in and out of the water.


The D Class Inshore Lifeboat (D608) is re-located from the ILB station into the marina LBS alongside the Atlantic 85. This will allow the RNLI Lifeguards to operate from the ex-ILB station.


The new station D Class (IB-1) Inshore Lifeboat D-747 "MyJo" was placed on service 08th November. Inshore Lifeboat D-608 "Helen & Ian Tytler" was withdrawn into the Relief Fleet.

Sunderland Lifeboat Station History (1800 - 1899)

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Sunderland Lifeboat Station History (1900 - 1999)

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