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Saturday 22 January 2022

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Video Page - General RNLI

The videos on this page are non station specific and aim to give a general overview of the work of the RNLI as a whole.

RNLI Video - I turn to you

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A promotional video about the practical work of the RNLI Lifeboat Crews

RNLI - Rollercoaster Advert

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This impressive advertisement was shown in cinemas across the country to increase awareness of the work of the RNLI, and cleverly demonstrates the kind of conditions Lifeboat crews often have to face.

RNLI Crew Training Appeal Advert - The making of..

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Filming took place at Lifeboat College, Poole, with production company Plunge Films and a high profile film crew. The film crew included Michael Caton-Jones, who directed Memphis Belle, Doc Hollywood and Scandal, and award-winning underwater cameraman Peter Scoones who has worked on the BBC?s Blue Planet and Planet Earth.

RNLI Crew Training Appeal - Advert

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RNLI Fundraising Video - Train One Save Many

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Training is the vital part of turning volunteers into lifeboat crew members. Learn how the RNLI are raising awareness and funds for the Train one, save many campaign, helping ordinary people do extraordinary things.

RNLI Video - Five Minutes


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The above video is a promotional video showing the work of the volunteer RNLI Lifeboat Crews

RNLI - Crew Training Video


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This video aims to show why crew training is so important to our volunteer Lifeboat Crews

RNLI Video - The Guardian Demonstration


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Ashton Kutcher, star of The Guardian, and Televison Presenter Lisa Snowden attended a spectacular and unique air sea rescue on the Thames to raise awareness of the work the RNLI and Royal Navy, together with other search and rescue organisations, do to rescue thousands of people from UK seas and waterways every year. This was first time a coastal rescue has been performed in the heart of the capital and it was highly dramatic.

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