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Monday 16 July 2018

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Sunderland RNLI Lifeboat - D Class Capsize Training

Sunderland RNLI volunteers have been rehearsing how they would react if their D Class ?Helen and Ian Tytler? Inshore Lifeboat flipped over or capsized out at sea. Inshore Lifeboats often encounter hazardous conditions at sea, it is therefore vital that all of the crews know what to do in the event of their craft capsizing.

Sunderland RNLI - D Class capsize training exercise

The training will take place using a specially adapted Inshore Lifeboat, which is used specifically for ?capsize training? at lifeboat stations around the coast. The training boat is identical to operational lifeboat apart from being stripped of all its rescue equipment.

Sunderland RNLI - D Class capsize training exercise

Paul Nicholson, Senior Helmsman at Sunderland RNLI said ?Fortunately lifeboat capsizes do not happen very often, but it is important that all of the crews are trained how to react if the worst should happen. All of the volunteers learn this procedure individually when they attend courses at Lifeboat College, but it is important for them to practise it at home with members of their own crew.?

Sunderland RNLI - D Class capsize training exercise

In the event of capsize; the crew onboard the D class ILB have to manually right the craft, before following procedures to remove any sea water from the outboard engine to allow it to be restarted.

Sunderland RNLI - D Class capsize training exercise

Paul Nicholson added ?This is a practical example of how the money raised by the ?Train One Save Many? campaign is used to provide the best possible training to ensure that our volunteers can do their job in the safest and surest way?.

(Press play to view video)

The advertisement campaign, created by British filmmaker and Hollywood movie director Michael Caton-Jones. Entitled ?Help bring RNLI crews home safely?, the 60 second advert shows a lifeboat crew involved in a dramatic sea rescue exercise. The advert, which is screened on selected satellite and cable channels, aims to raise awareness about the need for lifesaving training for the RNLI?s volunteer lifeboat crew members.

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Filming took place at Lifeboat College, Poole, with production company Plunge Films and a high profile film crew, who alongside the RNLI training team, gave their time free of charge for the duration of filming. The film crew included Michael Caton-Jones, who directed Memphis Belle, Doc Hollywood and Scandal, and award-winning underwater cameraman Peter Scoones who has worked on the BBC?s Blue Planet and Planet Earth.

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The advert (see video page) features a lifeboat crew appearing to be out on a late night rescue in stormy seas when the lifeboat capsizes. Due to the thorough training that the crew have received, they are able to recover from the capsize quickly and safely, with the message: ?On a lifeboat, training is a matter of life and death?. At the end, it becomes apparent that it is a simulated training exercise in the Lifeboat College?s sea survival pool.

The public can visit www.rnli.org.uk/capsize or phone 0800 543210 for further information or to make a donation.

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