Ipanema Proportioned Medium Pant in Coconut By Alfred Dunner (10)

Ipanema Proportioned Medium Pant in Coconut By Alfred Dunner (10)



Product Description

Alfred Dunner Ipanema collection features a flat front pant with an elastic back, side pockets, and is a polyester/rayon blend.


Flat front with an elastic back
Side pockets
Polyester/Rayon blend
Brand : Alfred Dunner
EAN : 0666805696963
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オモリポーチ S 色アソート ピーシーエー PSS会員パッケージ TypeB3 1年(PSS1YB3) 目安在庫=○ あさい Ipanema Proportioned Medium Pant in Coconut By Alfred Dunner (10)

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